This is the material with the best price reported to its quality. Cardboard let the artwork breathe and will not let moisture from the air to develop on the artwork’s back. It is a lightweight but rigid material which protects the artwork from deterioration. It is strongly recommended to fix the artwork to the mat board or backing board because, otherwise, wrinkles and waves will develop, especially when it comes to artworks reproduced on thin paper.

Depending on the type of artwork that needs to be mounted, we can use several different procedures. If the art work is a genuine drawing, photograph or an old poster which could be damaged it is strongly recommended to fix them only in two points, on the upper side, to the back of the mat board, with archival tape (a special tape with tempered chemical composition, neutral pH and repositionable adhesive based on water. If the art work is not rare or valuable we recommend fixing it using double-sided tape (based on an acrylic or rubber adhesive) applied on the backing board and mounted using a laminator - this is called pressure sensitive mounting and the result is a perfect, wrinkle free mounting. This process is nor reversible. If the art work is reproduced on paper (poster, print), it is possible to use wet glue and the vacuum press to fix it to the backing board, in this case the process is also not reversible. In both cases, the art work will have a good resistance in the frame, without wrinkles and waves; the only danger is posed by the stiffness of the board which will damage the artwork if one of the edges is bent.