‘Matboard’ is the name of the board that makes the transition between the image and the frame. Our supplier is Royal Moorman Karton from the Netherlands, a company with 100 years of experience in matboard manufacturing, which we are proud to represent in our country.

A mat serves different functions:

  • An aesthetic function: the mat needs to provide a beautiful transition between the frame and the work of art. Moreover, the mat is able to ensure that the work comes more into its own. It is striking to see how a good mat will reveal what is there.
  • Technical function: the technical function of a mat is to keep the print or work of art away from the glass. The ensuing requirement for the matboard is that it is of a certain thickness.
  • Protective function: the quality of Moorman's matboard makes a contribution to the work of art remaining in good condition.

The matboard is made up of a number of layers. We may distinguish a surface paper, a core and a backing. Specific requirements are set for each of these layers.

  • Surface paper: apart from the aesthetic requirements, the surface also needs to meet high requirements regarding light-fastness. Moorman therefore obtains the paper for the surface of its matboards from highly specialized paper mills which are able to attain the highest standards of quality.
  • Back: the back (back covering) of the mat - i.e., the side that is not seen - is also important. After all, it is the side that comes into contact with the work. In other words, the material used for the back is the most likely to have an adverse effect on the work. This is why Moorman uses only very high quality paper for the back of all matboards. Paper that contains no acid and is buffered with calcium carbonate, which ensures that every Moorman matboard is of top quality.
  • Core: the core is the heaviest component of matboard. Different types of cores are used in the Moorman collection, the most important of which are the standard core and the white acid-free cellulose core.
    • Standard core: The wood pulpboard core of standard matboard is made from high-quality, selected, extra-clean and fine virgin wood fibres. This provides a number of advantages. The extra-fine clean fibers minimize the possibility of black dots and ensure a lower lignin level. Moorman's high-quality wood pulpboard standard core is pH neutral and buffered.
    • White acid-free cellulose core: The acid-free white core is made of alpha cellulose and is wood- and lignin free, and is buffered with calcium carbonate. Moreover, the structure of the material ensures that it provides excellent protection from any outside influences.
    • White core: has a pH neutral, buffered white base. The back consists of very high-grade paper which is acid-free and buffered with calcium carbonate.
    • Cream, coloured core: The cream, coloured are also made of alpha cellulose and is wood- and lignin free. The back consists of very high-grade paper which is acid-free and buffered with calcium carbonate.
    • Black core: is pH-neutral and buffered.  The backing paper is the same quality as the other types.