Moorman Museumboard is a product that is essentially different from normal matboards. It is made of one or more layers of the same buffered material. Museumboard has been specially developed at the express request of museums for framing and storing valuable prints and historical and other documents. Extremely valuable papers, which will need to be preserved for centuries so that future generations may derive benefit from them.

The well-known, high quality museumboard is manufactured from the very best cellulose. Adding a very special type of CaCO3 to the cellulose results in an acid-free, buffered museumboard with an alkaline reserve. This is to prevent possible acidification and ageing. Furthermore, the board is completely bonded and the bonding level is neutral, it is fully glued in an acid-free environment. 

Museumboard is subjected to the most stringent requirements:

  • DIN 6738:1992: Papier und Karton: Lebensdauer-Klassen Lebensdauer-Klasse 24-85 Alterungsbeständig
  • ANSI/NISO Z39.48-1992: Permanence of Paper for printed library materials
  • ISO CD 9706:1994: Information and documentation: Paper for documents- Requirements for permanence

Standard Museumboard:  Chlorine and acid free high quality buffered cellulose board. Through it is featherweight, it is easy to cut. The size is 90x120 cm and it is aging resistant. The colors are super white, white, natural, off white and white/off white. 

The dimension of a sheet is 90x120cm.

The price is 142 RON/sheet.