Advertising products

We produce on demand click frames, people-stoppers, standers, click hangers, illuminated poster frames and roll-ups. The profiles and accessories are directly imported by us to keep the prices at producer levels.

Click Hanger Bars

Used for one or two-sided banners, quick change of banners is possible. Two hangers on the upper bar allow fixing the banner to the ceiling.


Often used in crowded places, where displaying on the walls is not permitted. Great stability assured by its shape. It can be secured with a chain. Produced using a square aluminum profile and click frames of 25 or 32mm width.

Illuminated Poster Frame

Only 25mm in depth, this is the slimmest laminated sign you can buy. It is lit using LEDs and the power supply is a 220V AC – 12V DC transformer. The image must be printed on backlit material.

Click Frames

Advertising frames with 25 or 32mm click frame, white 1mm thick plastic back and anti-reflective protection of 0.3 or 0.5mm. Allow for quick change of the poster. Fixable using screws and plastic plugs on walls or with double-tape for metallic or glass surfaces. 


Advertising display for use in places where displaying on walls or ceiling is not permitted. Extremely easy to assemble or disassemble. The print is made on polypropylene.


This product allows the displaying of posters at the viewer’s eye level. It is made using square or oval profiles, with two click frames, one on each side. Can be produced using 25 or 32mm wide profiles.